New Music!

Let the 2010 floodgates open!  Between about … NOW and March, i.e. SXSW season, the new music will be flowing like Kool Aid, and the Kool Aid will be flowing like wine.  And it began this past week:

Spoon are back with “Transference.”  Being a Spoon fan, I was excited and looking forward to this one.  Too bad the band decided to arbitrarily cut off all of the songs at some random point.  Lacks groove.  Lacks songs frankly.

On the other hand:

Florida, guitar band, Surfer Blood released their debut, “Astro Coast.”  I wasn’t surprised at how strong the work is on this joint.  Much like 2009’s Cymbals Eat Guitars release, Surfer Blood show their affinity for 90s-ish guitar mastery, see e.g, Built to Spill, Pavement, and Modest Mouse.  I would have liked a bigger sound, but they chose to approach the no-fi thing that because oh so trendy in 2009.  Still, a very – ahem – mature batch of songs.


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