WordPress’ New Blog of the Year (2009)!

Welcome to Kentucky Fried Freedom.  This is a simple log blog with a simple purpose: entertaining my various musings about my very interesting musings about new music.  Like you, I get new music regularly.  I get recommendations from friends, other blogs, the dreaded P4K and from online radio.  Other than suing the shit out of evil-doers, planning a marriage (mine) and laughing at fuckwits modern conservatism, finding new music to listen to and talk about is the central purpose of my life.

I also enjoy the “strike through” tag and find it quite hilarious.

I will be experimenting with how this blogging thing works and will try to make it a workable thing.  So be patient while I acquire mad HTML skills.

There are three criteria I find useful in assessing the value of a long-player:

  • Sound.  What does it sound like.  Does it sound good?  If so, I’m likely with ya.
  • Songs.  Are the songs good?  Am I listening to Built to Spill over here or are you sticking me with fucking Death Cab for Cutie?
  • Lyrics.  What are you talking about, dude?  I don’t really care that much.  Again, if you’re giving my Built to Spill you can sing Google directions.  If I have to listen to Death Cab, Bob Dylan isn’t going to help me much.

The first 2009 release up for discussion is “A Brief History of Love” by the Group, The Big Pink:

Above: cheeky album cover

Above: cheeky album cover

The Big Pink are Brits, which should become plainly obvious to the listener right from the gitty up.  Like you, I wondered to myself upon hearing the group’s single “Domino,” “just how British are these guys, any way?  I mean, are they like, Oasis British, Spacemen 3 British or just plain old Spiritualized British.”  The answer, me droogies, is that they are Oasisalizedmen 3.1 British.  Yes, they’re simply that British.

British is a good thing.  Aside from the group’s membership: 2 cheeky bastards, everything about “A Brief History of Love” is BIG.  I mean, the title alone should give you an idea of just how big.  Yet there’s is a sound wholly compatible with headphones.

For instance, the opening track, “Crystal Visions” (big, right?) introduces you to a standard little post-recession electro-indie pop jangle reminiscent of a textbook Oasis opener.  But wait.  What’s next?  Big guitars.  And the big guitars don’t stop.  Nor do they pin you to the floor.  The electro jangle remains present and does not permit itself to be buried.  And that’s what this record is about in a nutshell: poppy niceties competing head to head with a big, clean, powerful sound.  You might doubt the cleanliness with “Too Young to Love,” the record’s second track.  You might wonder if you’re about to enter into a strobe-lit, over-head-projector ink-drippy psych fest, complete with Spacemen 3 drone and heroin served in chilled glasses.  Nope.  Still jangly as hell – just louder.  Don’t worry, listener; you’ll be ok.

The drone doesn’t last long enough to freak you out.  The Big Pink have to get to what they’re all about, after all (besides the whole Oasisalizedmen 3.1 thing I led with), the third track, “Dominos.”

As soon as I love her it’s been too long, and I really love breaking your heart …. These girls fall like Dominos.

I know what you’re thinking.  And you’re right.  It just sounds so goddamn hot.  The whole fucking thing does.  The Big Pink aren’t breaking new ground.  You’re gonna get your “Bitter Sweet Symphony” fix on “Love in Vain”.  You’re gonna get your late 90s synth with a hint of Lou Reed on “Velvet”.  Embrace the Pink.  Expect it to sound exactly like what you expect it to sound like – loud, trippy and ultimately like candy that won’t rot your teeth.  “These arms are mine – don’t care who they hold.  You call out my name for the love you need.  But you won’t find in me.”


Sound: A

Songs: B

Lyrics: B

In short, do yourself a favor.


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